Freight Logistics Planning and Management-Gearing Up for a Great Fall/Winter 2023 into Spring 2024. Let us HELP make 2023-2024 Successful with Planning and Execution.

GO with the Pro's, YEARS of experience are only BENEFICIAL if they are Successful and Consistently working to get better! Anyone can find a truck off a load board,but did they vette them or even have experience with them. The Industry has changed significantly with respect to safety...this is all part of planning for success,not just "dumping" your freight with just any truck looking for work? Want to feel secure? Want your products and /or equipment safe and delivered on time? Do you need a special personalty to navigate certain pick up/delivery restrictions or requirements? Is it an emergency freight shipment? WE plan for success by eliminating chance,risky logistics behavior because short cuts and "cheap" trucks NEVER work out! As a third party logistics provider, your Freight Pro Source LLC Freight Center uses expert planning and preparation with our proprietary systematic process as our keys to finding the proper integrated freight solutions for prospective and current customers alike. We stay on top of the various trends in the transportation markets to bring you up to date,factual information.

Freight Logistics Planning and Management


Many people search every month for "logistics freight" and related terms, which shows that responsible shipping logistics for freight transport are in high demand. Last month, many people looked for "3rd party logistics companies." Nationally, we see intense interest in competent freight logistics because shippers know that an informed comparison of truck shipping rates requires answers to more freight cargo logistics questions than just price. This touches the very core of our services to those with freight to ship.

Here's an example: intelligent highway transport logistics for palletized freight involve different variables than the planning required for transporting heavy equipment on back country roads from farm machinery auctions. It takes a qualified freight logistics shipping specialist to know what to look for in each new request for freight planning. Northfield, IL may present specific challenges that differ from those in Louisiana. Freight shipping costs may vary depending on distance, terrain, urgency, and the list goes on. Save yourself time and money by letting the pros at FPS use truly integrated freight solutions to coordinate your shipment.

As your freight broker agent, our professional logistics freight solutions often involve freight audits for new and even current clients. We perform a comprehensive study of all freight pricing, routing and strategies to reduce your costs and save time in the process. Our approach creates the savings, such as finding similar loads and customers to "share" trailer space, thereby allowing customers to pay only for the portion that their freight occupies but without compromising delivery times or freight safety.

We take pride in the way we provide freight arrangement planning, especially when it involves multi-stop route management with scheduling freight consolidation onto the same truck in different states. Sometimes there is an improper match between different companies' shipping departments and the timing of the truck coming through the state, requiring schedule modifications mid-route.

Many times we will work as project managers for days prior to initiation of freight transport to make sure the customer, the shipper and the receiving party are all in accord and 100% satisfied with the results. This commonly happens with HAZMAT and food service industry transport, where safety and timing are critical for various reasons.

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