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Questions or or ,Agency for One Horn Transportation,Inc. for over a decade!

Summer of 2023 had its Up and Down Cycles, Fall 2023 Small Business and Farming Outlooks are much better for ALL! ...WE are here to simplfy your Freight Transport Process.. We work for you when OTHERS CAN'T OR WON'T ,Period...Is it worth the extra $50-60 in savings if the phone just rings or you get an answering machine? That REALLY isn't SERVICE if you have an issue or something with the order changes,now is it? RELIABLE,DEPENDABLE and DILILIGENT describes our COMPANY! 2021 will be GONE SOON!Time to PLAN those Equipment Purchases and MOVES to get READY! We are here to meet those freight transport needs................ A SPECIAL THANKS to ALL SERVICEMEN and WOMEN who protect the CITIZENS of this GREAT NATION; .... THANKS TO ALL THE FARMERS,and those FEED STORES AND AGRICULTURAL EQUIPMENT DEALERS (that keep Farming Alive) for keeping this Country going despite challenges from the Government,the Ecomony and Mother Nature! We ALL salute your non-stop efforts! Need Help with Transport Rates before making that equipment purchase? We will help provide factual rates you can live by,just have information about what you need shipped(dimensions and weight) and whether there is a dock to unload at shipping and receiving points. Spring is ON THE WAY!...#1 Farm Equipment and Agricultural Transporter....CALL FOR HELP MOVING EQUIPMENT IN AND OUT OF THE SHOWs and Fairs..Call for Replacement Equipment Transport Today.SERVICE AVAILABLE Weekends and Nights when Others Can't or Won't...'... We CAN HELP manage your Freight SHIPPING COSTS by setting your Business up with a Commercial Credit Account with 30 day terms.... With the economy and world uncertain times are tough..

Do you NEED HELP with a PARTIAL or Full truckload, A Farm Tractor or Implement to Dig this Fall? How about that new Ranch Corral or Cattle Chute...We move them all including Flatbed shipping as well as Hotshot Gooseneck Trailer Shipping ......Our Business Freight Arrangement Services are specialized to incorporate our many years experience with our resources to offer our customers the best Freight Transport Services,hands down...... We move from 1 small pump to the Biggest Oversize Piece of Equipment or Oilfield Tank made..... Let me pose this Question? When you need a Lawyer or a Dentist would you trust a room full of "New" people in that field housed in a big office with cubicles? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Why would you do that with your Freight Transport,especially when your firm and CUSTOMERS rely and depend on it? BEWARE IMPOSTERS! Big Companies are COPYING OUR ONLINE PRESENCE BECAUSE They CAN"T BEAT OUR BUSINESS MODEL with FAIR and ETHICAL Business Practices,When you call we'll explain the "WHAT NOT TO DO" in FREIGHT SHIPPING.

We are a Farming/Agricultural and Machinery Freight Transport Specialist that does Generator and Pump Shipping daily, including Heavy Equipment Shipping where a special trailer is required. At Freight Pro Source, we are here to help with your 2023-2024 needs whether it is LTL Freight Shipping, Partial Truckload Services or a Full Truckload.... .. Regardless of your Freight Shipping Needs we are one of the Most Reliable and Dependable Freight Shipping Services ! Call us after you have made other inquiries and we'll give you our best effort to saving you time and money with the best service possible. Our business is available NIGHTS and WEEKENDS with immediate help to support you. Looking forward to seeing everyone at The National Cattleman's Association in Nashville in February!

Call Jeff Today during business hours at (352) 410-0917 or AFTER HOURS(we work for you) at (352)410-0917... or email: for the personal service and great pricing you deserve.RELIABLE and Dependable FREIGHT TRANSPORT,Period! WE Have EARNED OUR REPUTATION through ETHICAL BUSINESS DEALINGS and FAIR,Honest Pricing and Service! The #1 Small Business Farm and Ranch Equipment Transporter and Proud of it. Thank You to ALL OUR CUSTOMERS,Past,Present and Future!


Shipping Freight to Its Destination, Made Simple

As your one-stop Freight Source and Freight Center, we do more than save you time and money. We make it simple, specifically to give you peace of mind. Here's how:

Click here to visit our Company page to learn about the many ways we simplify your life regarding freight services.


Our simplified, integrated freight solutions from A to Z raise the bar for truck freight companies everywhere. Included are "less than truckload" shipping pallet moves with trusted LTL carriers, transporting your latest acquisitions from farm machinery auctions, truly competitive small equipment shipping costs without the headaches, including proper rating and freight classifications so there will be NO Re-bills...Some "so-called Freight Brokers" employ a bait and switch techique to get your business,NOT Freight Pro Source LLC.

Experience the difference it makes to work with a FULL SERVICE freight agency:

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Full Truckload Freight (FTL) Services            Freight Logistics Planning and Management            Heavy Equipment Hauling and Machinery Shipping Services            Heavy Haul and Oversize Load Services            Contact Freight Pro Source

Whether you searched for "Partial Truckload Freight Transport in Texas or Florida" or you need expert assistance with business freight transport logistics, your team at Freight Pro Source stands ready with experience and savvy to save you time and money. We line up the necessary heavy equipment transport system, the appropriate LTL Freight company or any other Freight Resource that your Freight Shipment requires, while always seeking the best truck shipping rates.

Suppose you need to move agricultural equipment in the Midwest through Texas Roads for the first time. We have the resources, connections and experience to do it right the first time.

Never again will you dread those tricky equipment/machinery freight projects or large/oversized tank transport jobs. Our experience,business systems, connections and project savvy give you peace of mind AND save you time and money.

Perhaps your manufacturing plant requires precision equipment machinery movers in Kent WA or Ocala,FL. We've been there, and done that.

Let's say you need heavy equipment movers in San Antonio for some serious earthmoving equipment shipping. We'll not only get your equipment there, we'll manage the project as well.

Sure, we love coordinating less than truckload shipping requests for our customers, but LTL shipping is just the tip of our iceberg. Our diversity and broad experience set the pace for freight broker agents everywhere. Someday, the rest of them might pay attention. Until then, we look forward to serving you.

You could spend all your time calling every freight company in Minnesota or all the truck freight companies in Ohio to try to find the most reputable LTL shipping companies with the best freight transportation rates. You might actually hire people to look at the safety records of all Tampa shipping companies. Planning for the best value to ship your equipment or goods involves a lot more than just a shipping rate comparison. Before you compare shipping rates, there are so many other variables to consider. Would that really leave you enough time to do what you do best? Probably not.

Rely on our resources and experience to secure the best freight and transport value for your needs while saving you all that time – which, of course, means saving you all that money. We look forward to serving you.

"Freight shipping services from A to Z" means everything from less than truckload pallet moves to those oversize equipment/machinery transports. These are just some of the freight transport solutions we provide. Regardless of your freight transport need, we make it simple.

As you travel through our Website, we invite you to take a look at the specific areas of our logistics management program that address your needs. If you need something shipped (or arranged to be shipped) and don’t see it in the following pages, please call us. (352) 410-0917.

We are Freight Pro Source LLC, a FULL service freight agency with the resources, experience and ability to organize, implement and execute virtually any freight transport need.

We successfully handle the most challenging assignments from HAZMAT Freight Transport to Multi-stop Route Coordination and Delivery.

We provide the MOST Competitive Freight Rates because of our systematic process, relationships with over 17,600 contracted carriers, and decades of Commercial/Industrial Freight Transport Education and Experience!



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