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We are CONSIDERED in the Farming and Agriculutural Industry as the Partial Load King! This is because of our MANY customers that rely on shipping for LESS than a Truckload Freight is in Upheavel due to the Shifting LTL Markets and the Subsequent Leader, Yellow Freight departing the Landscape for viable options. We can help with PARTIAL Truckloads on either Standard size trailers or Utilizing the Hot Shot Trucking Markets loading trailers many times under 40 ft long and more economical. Farming and Agricultural Equipment Transport-Our Company is stronger coming OUT of Covid 19 and Other Business Interruptions Let' We are still the FARMING INDUSTRIES Best Friend for Farm Equipment and Implement Transport

WE ARE Still the Farming and Ranching Communities Top Choice for Freight Transport/Shipping....With Fall & Winter 2023 UpComing and Spring 2024 looming,it means getting ready for the PLANTING and Growing work to begin,We help with NEEDED  equipment and supplies such as grain carts,conveyors,etc.. Equipment Upgrades also!We will take care of YOUR FREIGHT TRANSPORT Needs and find Solutions regardless if it's a small plow,cattle chute,grain hopper or scrapper .Always Arranging Partial Truckload Shipments in the East, Midwest,Southeast West and ... We move Grain Augers and Conveyors for harvest to a replacement Over Sized Tractor Full Truckloads Daily....... We will work to find EFFECTIVE Cost and TRANSPORT solutions to meet budget/time demands to help TRANSPORT FARM and RANCH Equipment and Supplies across the country for you! We will HELP you STAY on top of the changing seasons RANCHERS and FARMERS! Call Jeff Abbott today at (352)650-0678 for Help OR on WEEKENDS or EVENINGS at (352)410-0917 for solutions to Freight Transport needs! We work with Farmers,Ranchers, Co-ops, Equipment Distributors, Dealers, Agricultural Suppliers and Farm Machinery Auctions to deliver real integrated freight solutions by moving products and transporting farm equipment throughout our nation during pre-growing season, growing season and harvest.NEED TO GET NEW EQUIPMENT OR IMPLEMENTS MOVED IN FOR NEXT Season? We can also help with Full or Partial Truckloads!

Farming and Agricultural Freight and Eqipment Transport Services


Based on your specific needs, your Freight Pro Source freight broker that will produce integrated freight solutions that match the "right" equipment with your freight and arrange transportation from pick up to delivery. This could mean finding another partial truckload to go with your newest acquisitions at farm machinery auctions or contacting one of our thousands of contracted heavy haulers, such as a professional combine hauler or competent backhoe hauler.

Perhaps you are constructing new facilities and seek the most competitive EQUIPMENT shipping costs. Maybe you require specialty tractor hauling performed by an ultra-conscientious tractor hauling service that other truck freight companies could not handle. You may even need multiple flatbed freight haulers for an emergency or large project that still requires the best available truck shipping rates. In any case, you deserve the FREIGHT PRO SOURCE combination of the most competitive rates and on-time service. We are equipped to and will handle all the details, specifically to give you peace of mind.

Call on your FREIGHT PRO SOURCE LLC Professional freight broker when you need competitive farm equipment hauling rates on the right trailer to haul farm tractor equipment, whether it's in town with farm road transportation or across the country on the Interstate.

We're specialists at more than just tractor shipping and combine transport at competitive farm equipment hauling rates. In addition to semi trailer hauling for tractor, combine and farm equipment transport, we'll coordinate your agricultural and farm supply transport. It's all about saving you time and money.

Farms, ranches, equipment manufacturers and distributors trust and count on Freight Pro Source as the premier farming and agricultural freight shipper to safely get their products to their destination damage-free and on time. We count hundreds of these groups as "well satisfied" customers who continue to call us and recommend us to friends and colleagues.

This is the staple of our freight arrangement services – utilizing our experience and resources to match multiple customers' freight in a geographical area to help all parties with a great service that saves them money and thereby delivers value. Our services extend to both farm tractor transport and agricultural supply shipping. We move everything from a pallet of Coulter replacement parts to the largest combine tractor. SORRY IF WE MISSED seeing all our Farming/Agricultural friends at any RECENT Farm Show but we are STILL moving in Tractors and Other Farm Equipment! We know it's TOUGH out there with the SuperInflation that has hit our Country, Our Small Businesses and The Farmer.God Bless,Call Jeff at (352)410-0917 for immediate help with FREIGHT Rates!

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