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Where the Rubber meets the Road! Machinery Shipping and Moving Heavy Equipment, Happy and Safe Summer/Fall ! Let's make the fall and winter 2023-2024 and Beyond a Safer,More Productive and Profitable Year!

We can help you Fall/Winter 2023 into the New Year 2024 with our integrated freight solutions, which include everything from planning the rigging and loading/unloading to coordination of the permitting/survey process to selection of the proper truck and trailer for the job/task at hand. Unlike most truck freight companies, we will move power only, flatbed, step deck and low boy/RGN type Heavy Haul and Oversize Loads and heavy equipment while securing the most competitive truck shipping rates. When you're moving heavy equipment or machinery, we save you time, money and headaches.OUR SERVICE IS SECOND TO NONE as seen when you call AFTER HOURS for CONSULTATION and/or RATES to Transport Equipment/Machinery. Call (352) 410-0917 and Ask for Jeff to experience the difference TODAY!

Equipment & Machinery Freight Transport Services


Our experience with machinery moving and heavy equipment transport is second to none. We handle the toughest assignments to move agricultural, commercial and industrial pieces in stressful, pressure-packed environments. When moving heavy machinery and equipment, our services include everything from scheduled plant closing, rigging crew and crane schedules to complete liquidated machinery freight solutions. In these situations, your FPS Freight Center is "control central," providing project management throughout the entire process.

When hauling heavy equipment, transport system planning is essential to avoid the headaches mentioned above. Whether you plan to move one piece of agricultural equipment on Texas roads or engage in multiple industrial equipment hauling in Tampa, you're asking for trouble if you try to manage the project without knowing the reputation and capabilities of many truck freight companies. For example, shipping heavy lift cargo equipment requires different equipment and expertise than moving large tanks for oilfield exploration. Trust the professionals at Freight Pro Source to align the right people and equipment to save you time, money and unnecessary headaches.

Heavy equipment hauling and especially delicate machinery shipping must both follow specific procedures to ensure safe transport at the best rates. Since we do this all the time, naturally we address the essential things that you might put on your own "heavy equipment and machinery moving checklist," but we also handle the other important aspects that you may not have considered.

Many customers trust only us to perform their highly sensitive CNC equipment shipping, where weather protection, damage and theft are among the many concerns. We also move other highly sophisticated equipment such as plastic injection molding machines, which may come in sections for transport purposes. Most of the time, equipment and machinery hauling operations are predicated on new plant or division openings or in some cases to keep a business up and running after a costly breakdown. This magnifies our "time critical" approach to the question, "what is expedited shipping?"

Every day, we utilize our fine-tuned heavy equipment transport system(s) to execute some form of machinery or equipment shipping for agricultural, commercial, industrial or scientific entities such as oilfield exploration. We often ship supplies like large tanks that are just being produced as we schedule loading.

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