Heavy Haul Transport and Oversize Load Services

Happy Fall 2023 to All! Summer is looking like it's dragging it's feet with the BEAUTIFUL Weather into October 2023! We are here for you. Let's make 2023 a Banner Year by Checking All Relative Freight Solutions for You and prepare for 2024 by planning and evaluating needs and budgets now with us!! Our Heavy haul and Oversize Freight transport services are dedicated to researching, planning and implementing truck movement of freight on heavy haul trailers that requires state permitting for over width/height/length/weight loads.We provide the facts that you need to know and work to lessen the economic burden when moving over sized freight loads,efficently and professionally. With full confindence, ANY load that goes from legal to over length,over width or over weight can be smoothly and seamlessly transferred to a permit/survey load with minimal added expense and loss of time!

Heavy Haul and Oversize Transport Services


As a preferred heavy haul and oversize transport agency, we specialize in overweight and otherwise oversize hauling. Executing your oversize and heavy haul transport operation requires careful planning and estimating to develop accurate oversize load freight prices so that your transport costs are kept in check with your budget. For example, you might be seeking the best oversize trucking companies in Columbia,TN or the most dependable over size load carriers in Beaumont,Texas. We have already vetted and tested them so there are no surprises . This is just one part of what we do as your Freight Center that allows you to do what you do best: save time and money, and have peace of mind.

When faced with an oversize load or heavy haul transport task, it's more involved than simply calling a couple of truck freight companies for the lowest truck shipping rates. In reality, oversize loads trucking is often like almost anything else in life: you get what you pay for. Its complexity can necessitate integrated freight solutions to ensure save and cost-effective transport. Also, selection of the best oversize freight transport carrier goes beyond the age of their heavy haul flatbed trailers (although of course that's also important). Your FPS Freight Center removes the guesswork by surveying our network of fully vetted oversize and heavy haul specialized trucking companies to select the one that meets your heavy haul or oversize load requirements. We'll even oversee the project for you. Oversize freight shipment is one of the many ways that FPS saves you time and money.

Oversize hauling requires precision and compliance. Heavy hauling/trucking requirements and restrictions for oversize loads vary from state to state. As an oversize load planner, we work with the U.S. Department of Transportation as well as specific state DOT agencies where none of the restrictions for these moves are uniform. We work on the routes, bridges and road surveys to make sure we don't disturb traffic patterns or structures. Many times, state police and pilot car escorts are required for public safety concerns.

"Oversize loads" trucking is the most challenging type of freight transport due to the countless hours of preparation, estimation, planning, implementation and execution that we provide to our clients to ensure proper risk management for each occurrence.

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